How To Make A Radio Antenna With Copper Wire: Easy DIY Guide

Radio antennas are an essential part of the radio as it allows reception of a wide range of frequency. Antennas made out of copper wire are one of the best ways of improving the radio reception.

How To Make A Radio Antenna With Copper Wire?

However, making a radio antenna with copper wire is not an easy deal. It can be quite difficult for people to make a copper wire antenna from scratch if they are making it for the first time.

We are here to help you out with the copper wire antenna. In this guide, we will discuss the steps on how to make a radio antenna with copper wire.

Make Radio Antenna With Copper Wire- Follow Step by Steps

There are certain steps that you will have to carefully follow in order to make a radio antenna with copper wire. These steps are-

Step 1: Determine The Length Of The Antenna

The first step of making an antenna with copper wire is to determine the length. In order to measure the length, divide 468 by the frequency you want to connect the radio antenna to in megahertz. Divide the result of the division by 2 and then multiply the remaining value by 12. This will provide you with the length of the radio antenna in inches.

For example, you want to connect to a radio channel in 88 megahertz. Dividing 468 by 88 equals 5.318. Then you will have to divide 5.318 by 2, and this equals 2.659. Finally, multiply 2.659 by 12, which equals 31.91. The length of the copper wire should be 31.91.

Step 2: Cut The Copper Wire

After determining the length of the wire, you will have to cut the copper wire with a wire cutter. You will need two pieces of the copper wire of equal length. Based on the previous calculation, you will have to cut two pieces of copper wire of 31.91 inches.

Step 3: Screw And Wrap The Wires

After cutting the copper wire properly, take a small block or piece of wood and securely screw two woodscrews into the wood. Make sure to keep a distance of 1 inch between these two. After securing the woodscrews, take the two pieces of copper wire and wrap them around the screws you have installed.

Step 4: Connect The Transformer

Once you have wrapped the wires around the screws, it is now time to connect the transformer to the wires. Place the transformer under the block or piece of wood and connect each connector of the transformer to each screw. After connecting the transformer, make sure to fasten down the screws properly so that the transformer and the copper wires are secure.

Step 5: Connect The Antenna

Take the cable and connect one end of it to the transformer and the other end to the radio receiver’s antenna terminal. After establishing the connection, make sure to take the wires and twist the ends of the wires to make a small loop. Pass a small rope through the two loops and suspend the antenna with the help of the roof.

Step 6: Tune In the Radio

Your DIY radio antenna with copper wire is now complete. Turn on your radio and tune in the frequency in megahertz to experience a better reception on your radio.

Advantages Of Making A Radio Antenna With Copper Wire

There are certain advantages that make copper wire a suitable material for a radio antenna. These advantages are:


Out of thousands of conductive materials available in the market, copper is one of the best. Due to its great conductivity, we usually see the presence of copper in the majority of machinery that works with an electrical connection.

Heat Resistant

One of the major benefits of copper wire is that it is resistant to heat. Copper wire is also a good conductor of heat, and we can use it in a lot of machinery and appliances that require protection against corrosion. The high melting point of copper wire allows the material to have a long life.


The advantage of using malleable materials is that you can turn them into any shape you want without worrying about breaking the material. Copper is well-known for its high malleability. You can easily twist and turn the wire to establish connections.


Copper is known as a ductile material, which means that it can withstand high tensile stress. You can stretch the ends of copper away from each other and make copper wires. High tensile stress is essential for copper as it has to be strong and not brittle.

Tips And Precautions When Making A Radio Antenna With Copper Wire

Making A Radio Antenna With Copper Wire

Proper Measurements

When it comes to making a radio antenna with copper wire, proper calculation and measurement of the copper wire are essential. If you do not get the measurements right, then you will not be able to tune in to the right frequency.

Wire Cutter

Copper wire is strong, and you have to use a wire cutter to cut the wire. Make sure that you know how to use a wire cutter properly and keep it out of the reach of children.

Proper Connectivity

As we discussed above, there are various steps where you have to make sure that the connection is tight and secure. A wrong or unsecured connection will result in the antenna not working.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Wire cutter, copper wire, transformer, and so on are essential in making a copper wire radio antenna. These tools and materials are not safe for children, and they must not be near these items without the supervision of an adult. Make sure that you keep the items in a safe place and out of the reach of children.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQ

1. Can A Copper Wire Radio Antenna Improve The Radio Reception?

Yes, even the simplest designs of a copper wire have the ability to improve the reception of a radio channel or frequency. All you have to do is make sure that the antenna is made properly.

2. What Items Do I Need To Make A Copper Wire Antenna At Home?

Many people prefer making a copper wire antenna at home as a DIY project. To make an antenna with copper wire, all you need is copper wire, wire cutter, wood block, woodscrews, transformer, and a piece of rope.

3. Which Is The Best Material For A Radio Antenna?

Copper is considered the best material to make a radio antenna. The reason behind this is copper is strong, malleable, and is a great conductor of electricity. In addition to these, copper is also a very cost-efficient material available in the market.


We have discussed the steps on how to make a radio antenna with copper wire, and following these steps will make sure that you have a perfectly working radio antenna. You can make this antenna at home and use it to improve the radio reception.

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